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Albufeira Restaurants. Most votes and reviews.

Saturday, 19 March 2016 02:02
Fish Cataplana, a regional dish delicacy offered at most restaurants in Albufeira Fish Cataplana, a regional dish delicacy offered at most restaurants in Albufeira

A guide to high ranked Restaurants in Albufeira.

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There is a large number of restaurants in Albufeira and surrounding area. The restaurant landscape and activity is in constant change throughout the year and its seasons.

In order to keep information provided up to date, we opted to give you all the restaurants with  relevance as determined by the popular restaurant rating systems of Google and TripAdvisor.

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Just like all over Portugal, The Algarve offers its own traditional gastronomy, strongly influenced by the cuisine and Mediterranean culture.

Algarve is divided in three distinct geographic and gastronomical areas:

- The Coast (with fish and seafood dishes especially dishes with tuna and octopus).
- The inland areas of the Barrocal (with simple dishes of fresh vegetables and sausages).
- Algarve mountains (with heavier dishes with chicken and pork stews).

Olive oil is the preferred and used for both, seasoning and for cooking, along with onions, tomatoes, peppers, garlic and fresh herbs such as parsley and coriander.

Desserts and sweets are strongly influenced by the almond, the fig and carob trees that are all native to the region together with the old traditions of the Alentejo province showcasing interesting artistic preparations with eggs, almonds and figs.


Albufeira Specialty Dishes

The town of Albufeira is a hot spot for tourists in holidays in the Algarve.

In addition to its beautiful beaches, Albufeira offers the visitor a significant and diversified range of local services with nightlife and outdoor music as well as a rich network of restaurants offering local cuisine.

The strong gastronomic influences from the sea and the northern mountains provide the opportunity to experience the unique tastes of delicious seafood delicacies and fresh fish in addition to comforting flavors from the mountains.

In Albufeira, fish and seafood are a wonderful gastronomic adventure of flavors with just caught fresh fish and seafood.

While most of the dishes are offered all along the coast, each fishing town and surrounding areas have their own unique way of preparation and presentation.

The combination of fishermen old local recipes and the local creativity allows for distinguished different flavors and textures. This variations, are in part due to the choices of fish and seafood to use, the method of cooking and on the choices of spices and vegetables.

Try the fish stew (caldeirada de peixe).

A fish stew that mixes several types of fish with potatoes, peppers and parsley is one of the most appreciated dishes.

Fish or Seafood cataplana  (cataplana de peixe ou marisco)

Tuna steak in onions Albufeira style (cebolada de atum)

Grilled Sardines (sardinhas grelhadas)

Octopus in tomato rice (arroz de polvo)

Other delicacies from the sea to mention are the clams in the "cataplana" (a type of copper pan) or Seafood rice, a refreshing Cuttlefish salad with ink as an alternative, the Octopus salad.

The above dishes are best enjoyed with some excellent Algarve and Alentejo wines.

From the mountain side, you can try the Xerém (cornmeal) with broad beans and/or just peas cooked Algarve style as well as the the spicy barbecued chicken Guia Style (frango da Guia com piripiri). 

Again accompanied by one of the many excellent wine from the Algarve and Alentejo.

Complete your meal by tasting the regional sweets based on almonds, malabar gourd and figs, taste the carob cookies and the famous "D. Rodrigos".

At this time you can savor some of the regional liquors created with local figs, almond, honey and arbutus berries brandy - (Aguardente de Medronho)


Traditional delicacies you will find in most regional restaurants.

Cataplana -a very tasty seafood stew made with fresh catch of the day seafood or fish from the local fish market.

Filled Squid The squid is traditionally filled with prosciutto, chorizo (traditional dry sausage), olive oil, onions, parsley and tomato served with potatoes and salad

Conquilhas- (type of clams that live buried on the sand and can be found at the water edge of most beaches in the Algarve and along the Portuguese coast. ) opened in a pan with olive oil, garlic, coriander, lemon and pepper. A great appetizer.

Tuna with onions- Fresh tuna steak marinated in vinegar, garlic, bay leaves, olive oil, onions, salt and pepper and served with boiled potatoes.

Octopus Rice - The octopus, marinated and prepared with red wine, onion, olive oil, garlic, tomatoes, red or green peppers, salt, hot chillis (piri-piri), Stewed over fire or in the oven with rice in a beautifully flavored tomato sauce..

Sardines- Charcoal barbecued fresh sardines served with potatoes, red peppers and potatoes. Salad on the side; either lettuce or a delicious tomato and onions salad with grilled green peppers, oregano, olive oil and vinegar. Sardines are best between June and late September as they are fat and delicious..

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